The Thinning Veil, the Shorn Hedges, or Whatever Else You Want To Call It

Most spiritual practitioners will tell you that there are places that can only be described, for certainty, as not being here; these places are the residences of various kinds of spirits. Hedgewitches will refer to “jumping the hedge” as a term for interacting with these other places; other pagans will refer to these places asContinue reading “The Thinning Veil, the Shorn Hedges, or Whatever Else You Want To Call It”

Votive Creations vs Creative Skill (Featuring a Hippocampus)

First off, I am not a painter. Despite this, I recently got (and moreover, gave into) the idea from other practitioners to create art using sacred ingredients. For me, this first meant buying watercolor paints, so that I could paint spiritual images using waters collected from my favorite oceans, sounds, creeks, lakes, etc. When IContinue reading “Votive Creations vs Creative Skill (Featuring a Hippocampus)”

Growing Into My Spirits

There are certainly spirits, including deities, who I would not describe as “beginner spirits”. There are certainly spirits who, for many reasons, are best handled and served by those with some experience under their belts. This isn’t about those spirits. This is about divinities who many people find quite approachable, but who I’ve struggled toContinue reading “Growing Into My Spirits”

Mother, May I…?

After seeing some misinformation out there on the internet regarding the relevance between spiritual interactions and permission, I thought it would be important to take a moment to discuss the topic. First, to put it plainly, spirits aren’t like the vampires of fiction; they don’t necessarily need an invitation to come into your space, orContinue reading “Mother, May I…?”

True Colors

Discernment. The foundation of sane spirit working. For many people who interact with any kind of spirits, discernment comes with experience; the more different spirits you interact with, the more context you gain for future use. But sometimes, less savory spirits aren’t going to wait for you to develop a solid basis for judgment, soContinue reading “True Colors”

The Lion, Great of Strength

The Netjeru. Deities of Ancient Egypt–or as it was known by the people of the time, Kemet (from whence the modern religious term Kemeticism is derived). This pantheon was numerous and rather fluid, with multiple myths depicting the same event and different religious cults coming to power or being brought into Egypt from foreign cultures.Continue reading “The Lion, Great of Strength”

Spirit Workers & Spirit Keepers

Exactly what it sounds like. However, before we discuss spirit keepers, the question some might wonder is: why are these practitioners keeping so many spirits? The simple answer is often that spirits offer us many forms of assistance; some are protectors, some are teachers or advisors, some are simply companions, etc. Most spirits have atContinue reading “Spirit Workers & Spirit Keepers”

Altars, Anchors, & Vessels

There are various types of spiritual practitioners who maintain relationships with spirits–and there are also various ways to keep spirits. Different types of spirits, or spirits interacting within different types of relationships, will employ differing methods of interacting with our physical world. Here, I’ll break down the methods spirit workers employ to keep their spiritsContinue reading “Altars, Anchors, & Vessels”

Popular Veneration in the West

Popular veneration is the term usually used to denote home-grown cults of spirits that aren’t officially recognized by the organized religions of the area. For the largely-Christian West (here referring to Europe, North America, and South America), this usually comes in the form of either Catholic folk saints and/or elevated human spirits. While spirits suchContinue reading “Popular Veneration in the West”

Magical McCormick (a.k.a., Taking the Thyme to Talk About Herbs)

Ah, the obligatory viral pandemic shutdown post! In a time when most U.S. metaphysical shops, not being “essential businesses”, are closed, the spices and herbs sections of still-operating grocery stores are invaluable. As such, I thought it would be a great time to take a look at the spiritual uses of a few of theContinue reading “Magical McCormick (a.k.a., Taking the Thyme to Talk About Herbs)”

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