Blue Huntington

I am a polytheistic, multi-traditional practitioner of spirit work and magical methods. As well as practicing various forms of divination, my magical specialties lie primarily in Southern American Conjure (also referred to as Rootwork or Hoodoo) and Heka (Ancient Egyptian magic). I practice several different religions, alongside each other but also separate to preserve the integrity of the unique traditions. I maintain relationships with divine spirits of the following religions, both modern and pagan reconstructionist: Mexicayotl (Aztec), Kemeticism (Ancient Egyptian), Ancient Babylonian, Shendao (Chinese), Shinto (Japanese), Irish Celtic, Welsh Celtic, Hellenismos (Ancient Greek), Asatru (Ancient Norse/Germanic), Hinduism (Indian), Folk Catholicism, Vodou, and Santeria. I have also worked with various types of spirits other than divinities, such as the blessed dead (human and animal), elementals, and some for whom we lack easy categorization. I try to achieve healthy and mutually beneficial relationships, as a respectful practitioner, with the spirits I interact with. I also hope to share the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired with other practitioners and devotees, for the benefit of the larger spiritual communities I participate in.
I live in my home state of North Carolina, and have collected hagstones at its coast, harvested herbs in its piedmont, and bottled river water in its mountains at different periods throughout my life; my interactions with these different landscapes and their spirits, as well as other practitioners here, have shaped my practice and spiritual worldview.

I have contributed to a few of Bibliotheca Alexandrina‘s anthologies on modern pagan religions and practices:
~Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet
~The Queen of the Sky Who Rules Over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Bast
~The Diviner’s Handbook: Writings on Ancient and Modern Divination Practices

I am also a contributor for a collaborative WordPress blog focused on different polytheistic traditions, Divine Multiplicity, and–while it will share some of the same posts as here, especially those that are more community-oriented–I also publish posts that can only be found there.

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