Where Spirits Tread

A Multi-Traditional Discussion on Religious Veneration, Spirit Working, and Magical Practices

Votive Creations vs Creative Skill (Featuring a Hippocampus)

First off, I am not a painter. Despite this, I recently got (and moreover, gave into) the idea from other practitioners to create art using sacred ingredients. For me, this first meant buying watercolor paints, so that I could paint spiritual images using waters collected from my favorite oceans, sounds, creeks, lakes, etc. When IContinue reading “Votive Creations vs Creative Skill (Featuring a Hippocampus)”

Growing Into My Spirits

There are certainly spirits, including deities, who I would not describe as “beginner spirits”. There are certainly spirits who, for many reasons, are best handled and served by those with some experience under their belts. This isn’t about those spirits. This is about divinities who many people find quite approachable, but who I’ve struggled toContinue reading “Growing Into My Spirits”

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